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Medical Team

Meet The Team

Sentry Health was founded on National Canadian Physician’s Day.


It was born out of a desire to support our first responders by focusing on exceptional and uniform care for physicians, patients and practitioners.


Our Belief
All patients deserve preventative
comprehensive care in a timely manner.


Our Mission
Giving the support physicians need to
take full control of their schedule and lives.

Doctor's Desk

Success From Within. 


50,000+ Patients adopted
We prevent patient orphans by providing continuity of care from physician retirement


PHIPA & HIPPA Compliant
Complete record storage and
data security protocols


 35+ Doctors rely on Sentry Health
Healthcare Professionals need a partner they can trust to help them with a seamless transition to flexible lifestyles


50+ Years of Healthcare Experience
We're passionate about health acceleration and
longevity through comprehensive prevention

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