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About us


About Us

Delivering better patient outcomes shouldn’t come at the cost of your well-being.

Sentry Health was founded on National Canadian Physician’s Day.


It was born out of a desire to support our first responders by focusing on exceptional and uniform care for physicians, patients and practitioners.

Streamline your backend management with trusted and proven systems.


Sentry Health is designed to make running your medical practice as seamless as possible. With years of service to the community, you deserve the support of a reliable team who can take care of everything for you - without sacrificing the quality of your practice.

Our services can help you enhance your patients' well-being and enterprise health through the digitization of your clinical processes. We partner with you to elevate your quality of life while ensuring your clinical practice continues to run smoothly.

Slow down without stepping away from your practice - until you're ready. And when you are, we'll be there to acquire and operate it for the next generation of physicians, ensuring your legacy lives on. 


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Clinics Managed Across Canada

The Sentry
Century Vision

Sentry Health aims to redefine the definition of the quality of life in the healthcare industry, and support professionals and patients alike across Ontario. 

How It Works

How It Works

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The Sentry Standard

Our Promise to Physicians

Redefining Quality of Life 


We innovate and expand on the traditional measurements of quality of life by taking

into account a broader set of factors

and constructing proper models to monitor them. We want to empower longer working years in the physicians while paving the road to success for the new practitioners. 

Overcoming Mental Health


We de-stigmatize and combat mental illness. We must raise awareness of psychological burnout among physicians and reduce the barriers to developing healthy psycho-social interactions.

We want to get you the support you need

to feel your best.

Building Legacy 


We want to make sure that you can slow down and take control of your time without having to sacrifice parts of your practice that matter the most to you. Offload bureaucracy onto us and when you’re ready, we can build a proactive transition/exit plan for your retirement. 

Expanding Preventative Care


Leveraging our foundations, we will develop evidence based decision making models for life enhancement and broaden the frontiers of preventative care by integrating the latest technological hardware. In sharing our learnings we hope to give people the power and insights to determine their health.

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