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All-In-One Clinical Management

Tap into a broad suite of digital tools and solutions tailored to your practice. Get the backend support you need to focus on better patient experience and care.  

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Simplify Your Practice With Digital Solutions

Patient Engagement

Streamline your communications to keep your patients informed and up-to-date at all times.

Dynamic Scheduling

Maximize the time you spend on patient care and minimize your administrative workload.

Intelligent Virtual Triage

Improve the flow of your clinic by arranging virtual assessments with your patients.

Optimized Consultations

Handle even the busiest of days with back-end support from our virtual staff.

Maximize Your Practice's Value In Minimum Time 

Grow your practice through lower costs and fewer obstacles. Sentry Health's services expand your practice's capabilities through automation and optimized support

Automate Your Backend





Deep Assessment 

Coordinated Integration 

Get a full assessment of your clinic to determine how you can automate your clinical processes.

Develop a step-by-step action plan to integrate our tools and services with your operational systems.

Operational Reporting

Receive extensive reports highlighting key metrics that are vital to the health and well-being of your practice.

Continuous Learning

Explore new tools to improve your existing practice processes and build on your legacy.

Why Choose Sentry Health? 

Ease your administrative burden and take back control of your time.

  • Administrative Services
    We know administrative duties can get overwhelming. Instead of dividing your time between things that matter and piles of paperwork, we can help keeping your focus on your priorities and take care of the boring stuff. We offer: Patient intake and reception Staff training, recruiting and payroll Optimized billing, reporting & financial management General office administration Lease & facility management
  • Technological Advancement
    The world is constantly changing. We are aware of that and want to broaden the frontiers of preventative care by integrating the latest technological hardware. We offer multiple that can help advance your practice into the future: Virtual clinic setup Virtual clinic management Telemedicine installation and technical training Intelligent virtual triage EMR management and maintenance
  • Patient Engagement
    We want to help you provide better patient care. Our end-to-end processes and technology ensures the circle of care is never broken, especially when you decide to take a step back. We offer: Patient scheduling, booking, and engagement Incoming and outgoing phone calls Patient feedback and efficacy reports
  • Your Growth
    We want to make sure you're ready for all the change and opportunities that lie ahead. Your growth is our growth and we offer: Expanding patient and referral network Balanced physician work preferences Clinic success factors
  • Retirement Assistance
    Thinking about retirement? With us, the process will be as seamless as it can be for both you and your practice. We offer: Sourcing new family physicians Optimizing patient communications Developing an exit/slowing down strategy Administrative and operational support
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