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The Support You Need To Take Full Control

Fully automated clinical management solutions to help you create the time you need to live the life you want.

Female doctor in color

The Sentry Impact

"In the end, I was able to walk away with an honorarium knowing my life’s work would continue to be preserved."

During a time of need, Dr. Angelin Rajaratnam was able to transform her practice seamlessly, earning more flexibility and time to practice the way she wanted to.

Transitioning a Practice Made Easy

Medical Team

Complete Clinical Management

Ensure your circle of care is never broken, even when you decide to take a step back

Doctor and Patient

Deep Patient Engagement

A mandate on engaging
with every single
patient in your roster

Virtual Team Meeting

Virtual Practice Integration

Connect your practice to
virtual specialties to
reduce referral times
and leverage remote

Learn About Virtual Triage

Don't Leave Your Legacy Behind

You know your patients best. We find you the right physician to inherit your patients and maintain the continuity of care.

Sentry Health

We take care of managing your clinical practice, so you can slow down without stepping out.


Get the support you need to preserve your legacy and hand off your practice to the next generation.

Eliminate Your Overhead With Proven and Reliable Systems


Total Telemedicine Appointments


Number of Monthly Assessments


Clinics Managed Across Canada

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