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Doctor and Patient

Case study

It was an unavoidable and unpredictable situation in which I had to leave my practice due to some personal arrangements. I was deeply concerned about leaving my patient's without proper care.  When I spoke to some of my colleagues, each of them we’re facing a very similar situation in which their practices we’re overburdened and unable to accept my patients.

That’s when I connected with Sentry Health.

Before we began discussing my needs, I wanted to know that they knew what they were doing. After all, this was my life’s work and my patients deserve the best. The team walked me through all of the comprehensive steps required for my transition and they demonstrated to me that they understood my patient's and their needs. The Sentry Team really had a strong understanding of the way that I wanted to practice medicine and worked to ensure my concerns were heard. They even sourced a geriatrician to address the long wait times I had with my local contact. In the end, I was able to walk away with a small honorarium knowing my life’s work would continue to be preserved.


I was thoroughly impressed with their clinical evaluation, security audit and transition plan. They found me a like minded physician in which I was able to vet and develop a relationship with, to inherit my patients. The security team identified several minor concerns that needed to be patched up to ensure that we were not exposed. I’m embarrassed to say some of my equipment and procedures were quite dated. 

They set up virtual care for me so that I could continue to work from home but on a more balanced level. They brought in a medical assistant that helped me with my notes so that I could spend more time with each patient instead of worrying about the traditional administrative oversight. With all of the support I received, I ended up maintaining my billings even after reducing my hours.   


I was heartened to see that my practice was growing again.

New patients who were on waiting lists for months, were being called in to meet and greet the new physician. The team reached out to every single patient in my roster and shared the heartfelt but encouraging news. The Sentry team has powerful internal metrics that governs their processes. They invented the patient engagement and disease prevention percentages to guide their care for each patient. It's a measurement of how the team remains focused on every single patient in my roster, discussing not just best of care, but with a mandate on prevention. 

To this day, I am still in control of how much I work. I regularly ask the team to schedule a few days for me in which I can see some of my dearest friends. Perhaps one day, I'll expand my hours again but life is completely different for me now. Feeling more liberated than burdened, I can truly reconnect with the passion in my work. 


Thank you, Sentry Team.

Dr. Donna Mahoney

List of Activities that was done in woodbridge Clinic


Understanding the clinical Processes and Workflows

Understanding, adapting, modifying and theoretically integrating the existing workflows into Sentry Health workflow in order to facilitate a smoother transition for the patients.


Training MOA on our new platform and existing workflows

MOA was given training by our IMGs in the starting weeks.


Recruitment of IMG for Malvern clinic

International Medical Graduate (IMG) will be recruited and trained for the clinic’s and physician’s specific needs.


Meet and Greet Campaign

As soon as the Practice had been taken over, a letter was sent out to all the patients in the roster, encouraging them to come and meet the Dr and the new team.


Outbound Calls

The Care Coordinator team connects with all the patients and books an appointment through our Virtual Care platform.


Virtual Support

The IMG and Care Coordinator are always available to help the patients in scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling an appointment.


Security audit of the IT infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure will be audited as per Sentry Health security policy.


More Dr. Hours

A critical element of the transition. Sentry Health was able to expand clinic hours by adding more physicians and hours. 


Installation of new Electronics required for
proper functioning

The Clinic’s Infrastructure is audited and improved to facilitate a large number of Patients.


Preventative Care & Screening

Our IMG Prescreens all the patients before the Dr Consults them. During this, the IMG also looks for potential issues that may need additional screening to keep up with modern evidence-based practices.


Marketing materials/Posters all over the complex (for organic traffic)

To create buzz, and to increase our brand visibility, Sentry Health will use its marketing collaterals

to spread the word.



The patient engagement is monitored daily to proactively take any required measures for betterment of patient journey overall.


Understanding the structure and features of the EMR used by Malvern family practice.

Each medical practice uses one or more EMR. The IT team understands the Structure of the existing EMR which is in you and Extracts and uploads them into Sentry Health’s platform. This will reduce redundancy and helps the care coordinators and IMG to perform better.



The IT Team has digitized all forms. Forms which are required by patients, referrals and consult notes are all automated by the team. This has in turn helped in a quicker turnaround.

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