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Cardiac care


Dr. Abu Azhar Syed was a devoted husband for 38 years of Syeda; proud father of Noreen (Khadir), Naz (Mauricio) and Imran and loving grandfather to Leena, Zaara and Rafael. He will be greatly missed by his whole family, including his mother, sisters, brother, nephews, nieces and many friends. He will be remembered for his outgoing, friendly, fun and loving nature and by his patients for his countless years serving the community as a dedicated Respirologist.

Everyday, I could see that Abu was unbelievably compassionate and committed to his work and patient care. He loved every single one of his patient's and would spend countless nights searching for solutions for their medical challenges. So one can certainly understand the level of grief, chaos and despair when he passed. As his executor, I did not know what to do with his practice. I did not have a clue as to what the legal obligations were and certainly didn't want to cause anyone any unintended harm. I saw how much his patient’s loved him and I felt a duty to ensure that they had the care that they needed.

That’s when I connected with Sentry Health.

The team helped me better understand the appropriate steps to take. They adequately outlined all of the necessary procedures to continue to operate the clinic. They spent a lot of time searching for a new specialist to take care of Dr.  Abu’s patient's. This is a task I would have never been able to accomplish alone. This allowed me to focus on tending to more pressing personal affairs.

The clinic is up and running again and things are getting busy. Led by Dr. Shayam Loganathan, who is also the Chief of Medicine at Campbellford Memorial Hospital. The patient's are grateful and my family is able to move forward.


Without Sentry’s help, things would have turned out much differently.

On behalf of the late Dr. Abu Syed and his patient’s. Thank you Sentry Health.

- Ms. Syed

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