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Case study

Medical Consultation

I was getting to a point where I could no longer handle the patient's that were coming in from other retiring practices. Two family physicians had retired in the region and all I could do was turn patients away. It was about time for me to retire soon and I wanted to make sure everything was well prepared before I decided to retire from the practice. 

That’s when Sentry Health reached out and inquired whether I could use help finding a new physician to support my practice.

After many long meetings with the founders we decided to move forward with setting up a transition plan for me. I didn't realize there were so many considerations to transitioning but I know I wasn't ready to retire just yet. I wanted to continue to serve my roster for a few more years. I just wanted to ensure that there was a plan in place for my patients, the management of medical records and proper procedures for notifying the OMA. 

The team ensured that there would be no material changes to my practice so that I could continue seeing patients on my schedule the way I wanted. They were easily able to connect with my team and bring them up to speed on some of the new virtual care procedures. They we’re even able to find some optimizations with my billings in places where I didn't know we were supposed to be billing for. 

One of the first things that they did was find me a geriatrician and cardiologist with some excess capacity to see my patient's. The average wait time for either of these referrals was well over 4 months and some of my patient's would complain about long wait times.

With so many of my colleagues starting to retire, I cannot stress enough the importance of a proactive plan and team to help organize and support the transition.

It provides me with peace of mind knowing that I can work for as long as I like while delivering better quality of care and timely access. 

The Sentry team set up virtual care to support the walk-in patients that were coming in from the nearby pharmacy.

It was exciting to say nonetheless to see the clinic alive again.


Sentry is working to  turn our clinic into what they refer to as a Health Acceleration Center (HAC). A multidisciplinary location that emphases patient engagement and prevention. The Sentry team is a young and compassionate bunch ready to expand the borders of medicine. I’m happy I've able to join them for the ride.


Dr. Lea Amog-Kerr

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